Miss Mexico Panamerican International


Day 1 arriving to crown plaza hotel.

It was indeed one the most wonderful weekends of my life. I could not change it for anything. I was surrounded by 18 of the most beautiful soul sisters ever. Everyone had so much respect for each other and that is incredibly beautiful.

Mexico Thank you for allowing me to carry the sage with your name with so much pride and honor. Thank you !


Day 2 dinner time

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Leticia Estrada Actress & Model in Los Angeles

I believe I can fly……………….
When I was six years old, I put on my first performance in front of an audience in Jalisco Mexico.

It was a comedy sketch and I wore big high heels and make up. I loved it….

From that moment on I knew I wanted to perform. All my life I have been in front of a camera, as a model but never as an actress. Until Now ;)

Born in Los Angeles California, raised in the SF Valley, an 818 girl. I dreamer ;)

And like a good friend of mine, a talented and amazing working actor once told me when I asked me “when can I call myself an actress?”

He responded “You can call yourself an actress when you feel you want”.

Hi My name is Leticia Estrada.

And I am an actress ;)

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I am officially retiring from Runway.

Is that a Shock?? It should not be :)

I have given fashion the best years of my life and it has given me some pretty dam amazing times.

This past weekend I opened up for Beso Moda Colombian Designer Claudia Gonzales. The Grand Finale for LAFW took place in Hollywood’s hottest club Boulevard 3. The runway 7 feet high and I wore a gorgeous princess gown.

I have been modeling since the age of 15. I have done everything from commercials to print. 

Now, it’s time to move on…….




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